Emerald Coast Manufacturing

Representing Alabama and the Florida Panhandle

They created the most Precise and Reliable Wastewater Vacuum Sampler. It is designed to withstand the harshest elements and have the strongest pull. Their sampler will deliver the most accurate readings consistently and exceed expectations.
Researching the flaws of the current wastewater samplers they created the WAVE™. It addresses the needs that were ignored over the last 25 years. Built around a foundation of listening to their Customers they find solutions that work.

Innovative technology paired with top notch customer service makes them an industry leader with products that will exceed your expectations. They work tirelessly to develop the best technology in wastewater sampling products.

Developed from the inside out, the WAVE™ is a state-of-the-art vacuum wastewater sampler. Incorporating advanced technologies they ensure reliability and efficiency every step of the way. The WAVE™ offers the highest level of flexibility and configurability in the market. Through the use of its integrated graphic interface they provide you with absolute control and peace of mind.

Usability Design

Built with human interaction in mind. Features include a sleek enclosure design, easy-to-access sampling compartment, full-color touchscreen display and more.

Sampling Process

The WAVE™’s advanced sampling system showcases the highly effective and accurate sampling process, while fully configurable to fit your specific needs.


The touchscreen interface allows you unlimited ability to configure the entire process. The app enabled system give you complete control.


An extremely efficient cooling unit paired with state-of-the-art internal components minimizes complexity and quantity of internal parts.

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