A microprocessor based single process variable analyzer that has:

Measured variables pH and ORP (can be changed on the controller)

Operation independent of the operating language (use of abbreviations, such as CAL, PARAM, CONFIG, ERROR)

Illuminated display

Three LED display operating state (relay 1/2 active, ERROR)

Sensor monitoring for pH

P and PID control characteristics

Selectable control direction (raise or lower measured value)

Pulse frequency relay for control of metering pump

Power relay can be configured as an alarm, limit value or pulse width modulated control output for metering pumps (connection function or switch on operating voltage)

Analog output 4-20 mA can be configured as a writer output or control output

Digital input to switch off the control or to process a sample water limit contact by remote control

Temperature sensor input (Pt 1000) for temperature compensation of the pH and chlorine value