The REGAL™ Gas Chlorinator is used to chlorinate water, wastewater and industrial process water with gas chlorine. The simple, efficient design has made REGAL™ Gas Chlorinators the industry standard. Built with heavy duty corrosion resistant parts, REGAL™ Chlorinators provide safe, long-lasting service.

2 each Model A-816 Vacuum Regulators with 3/8″ Vent and Vacuum Fittings
1 each Model A-255 Remote Meter Panel with 3/8″ Vacuum Fittings (For Wall Mounting)
1 each Model A-300V1 Pressure Relief (Vent) Valve with 3/8″ Vent and Vacuum Fittings and Wall Mounting Bracket
1 each Model A-930 Ejector Assembly including Nozzle, High Back Pressure Check Valve, Spray Diffuser and 3/8″ Vacuum Fitting
50′ VT-1, 3/8″ Vent and Vacuum Tubing
10 each G-201 Lead Cylinder Gaskets
1 each Z-296 Rate Valve Tool
1 each Z-297 Vent Line Bug Screen