Scaletron Industries, Ltd.

Representing Alabama and the Florida Panhandle

Scaletron is a leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant electronic digital and mechanical scales and accessories. Our scales are designed for weighing and monitoring the usage of corrosive chemicals and/or materials in water treatment, wastewater treatment and industrial applications. We offer a complete line of scales including 150 lb. Cylinder and Ton Cylinder Scales; Drum Scales; Tank and Platform Scales; IBC Tote Scales and Spill Containment Scales. Scales feature a low profile platform design, capacities from 30 lbs. to 30,000 lbs., and a five (5) year warranty.

Scaletron Industries, Ltd. is well known as the industry leader in corrosion resistant technology for scales and feeders used in the harsh environments of a wide range of industries including: wastewater and sewage treatment; municipal water treatment; industrial process water and waste water treatment; chemical; specialty gas manfacturing; fire protection systems; oil & gas and biofuels; semiconductor and electronics manufacturing; and poultry and livestock production. Our scales and feeders are designed specifically for monitoring usage, feed rate and inventory of water treatment and other process chemicals.

Scaletron Industries has been manufacturing electronic base scales since 1983 when we received our first patent for our Model 2350™ Digital Dual Cylinder Scale. We manufacture a full line of mechanical and electronic scales including 150 lb. cylinder, ton cylinder, gas cabinet, dewar, drum, tank, platform, and spill containment scales. Our digital scales offer a high degree of accuracy to 0.1%. In addition to our scales, we offer a complete line of indicators and process controllers designed to provide accurate scale weights and monitoring of chemical usage.

In 2016, Scaletron introduced a new line of volumetric screw feeders for dry powdered chemicals and other materials. Feeders are available with a gravimetric feed option with a built-in scale and a range of loading options from bag loaders to direct feed from silos.


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