Accu-Tab® Chlorination System

Representing Alabama and the Florida Panhandle

Backed by Industry Experts and Worldwide Specialist Network
The Accu-Tab® chlorination system is the result of 70 years of chlorine expertise and manufacturing leadership.

Dedicated scientists in the Axiall Chemicals Center—where new products and solutions are developed—as well as sales, technical, and customer service teams offer decades of combined experience to every customer solution. Axiall customers get the trusted technology of the Accu-Tab system along with the support of a worldwide network of authorized Accu-Tab system specialists who offer invaluable expertise at a local level. Whether it’s consulting on chlorinator operation, delivering tablets or helping to keep you in compliance with state and local health codes and regulations, Accu-Tab system specialists help customer’s succeed from installation and beyond.

Where There is Water, There is Biological Growth

These Accu-Tab chlorinators are a few of the many models designed for use in industrial applications. View all industrial options.

Many industrial facilities use a local water supply to rinse, spray, coat, wash or cool during processing. End products can be affected by unwanted minerals and contaminants, and bacteria such as Legionella, which causes Legionnaires’ disease, can cause illness. The Accu-Tab® tablet chlorination system treats water to the highest standards. The powerful 68% calcium hypochlorite tablets deliver consistent, controllable levels of chlorine residual to kill harmful bacteria and control algae. Chlorine is also useful in preventing biological growth in still water.

At a small capital investment, the Accu-Tab system delivers consistent chlorine delivery with no peak times or downtime. It is low maintenance requiring less manpower and no additional equipment to operate. Accu-Tab tablets maintain efficacy even in uncontrolled interior environments such as factories.

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